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Spain, land of flamenco, bullfights and sun. It's a mistake to think that Spanish pop is probably a mixture of Italian and French pop. It is also a mistake to think that Spanish pop shows bits and pieces of Bosa Nova and other Latin music.

Spanish pop is in fact sophistacated with a rough, sometimes crude edge. Like a good paela. Spanish pop also has the sterness and urgency of the Flamenco dance. Direct, with not much extra's and often very, very loud female voices. This urgency also translates itself in the explosion of pop music after the dictator ship of Franco ended. Not always with great results i might add. Spanish popacts sometimes lack a feel for detail, and also, can turn to bad english in the hope of breaking abroad.

Lucky for us the South American market is big enough to keep that last urge mostly down a bit. Many spanish artists rather expand their market to the downside of the globe instead of right across the ocean (to the USA). It also works the other way round with Latin acts focussing on Spain as a springboard for Europe.

This again also proves our point. An act like Shakira couldn't possibly have come from Spain. Compare her music to that of Luz, Heroes del Silencio or Bosé. You'll hear a difference and that difference is Spain, Europe.

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